Mitigation Services

Human/beaver conflicts can often be resolved. Wildlife2000 believes that promoting mitigation over relocation is sometimes the best answer.

What can Wildlife2000 help you with-

  • Sherri has written a How To Book for Beaver Management called Working with Beaver for Better Habitat Naturally. It includes how to protect trees, build flow devices, and live with beaver. In many situations you can mitigate beaver issues yourself using these techniques.
  • If you need help or want Wildlife2000 to  install some of the devices for you- Please contact us

Get Tippie’s Book- Working with Beaver-For Better Habitat Naturally

If beavers cause conflict, why would we want to mitigate the damage instead of removing them?

  • Some people want beaver around because they are cultivators of the environment. They turn a washed out ravine into a pond with ducks, fish, frogs, and they do it as nature intended. The joy of being a part of this cycle is something that many landowners cherish.
  • Relocating beaver is never a sure thing and beavers lives are endangered every time they are moved to a new environment. Predation seems to be their biggest threat when relocated. Their strong smell attracts all predators and they now have no dam to protect them from attack.

Common landowner concerns regarding beaver are flooding, blocking of culverts or irrigation pumps, and tree cropping. There are mitigation remedies for all of these scenarios described in Sherri’s book.

Wildlife2000 also offers to construct these devices for you so that you, your land, the ecosystem and the beaver all benefit. We keep our costs to you low to encourage the use of mitigation.

This is very bad mitigation

Please contact us to discuss in detail your mitigation needs.

Working with Beaver-For Better Habitat Naturally