Live Trapping


Tippie is probably the most experienced live beaver trapper in the world. But what separates her from the rest is her love of these animals and her dedication to them.  Tippie ensures a high success rate on her re-introductions because of her sense of obligation to the beavers. She does everything in her power to keep families together and only relocates when chance for success is high.

Live trapping beaver is not extremely difficult, however a successful relocation is a different matter. Careless relocations are almost guaranteed to cause the death of the beaver. If you are planning on live-trapping beaver please realize that their survival is intimately tied to how they are handled before reintroduction, the time of year of the relocation, whether released as a family, and other site specific details.

If you have beaver and need them removed but don’t want them harmed, please contact us as soon as possible so that plans can be arranged that guarantee a successful relocation. Beaver removals and relocations are successful because of proper planning not chance.

WildLife2000 is a non-profit agency dedicated to relocating unwanted beaver. Using volunteers we are able to keep the prices of removal low and thus nudge landowners and agencies to consider this non-lethal option.  However, it is still a job that involves many man hours and lots of love. Pricing is determined on a per project basis. So please contact us to discuss how we can work together to help the beaver.

Beavers are only trapped and relocated in late spring and summer. This gives the kits enough time to mature so they will leave the den and be available for trapping. Beavers can not be released too late in the year because they will not have time to build a dam or lodge before winter. This is vitally important as beaver are extremely susceptible to predation if they do not have a place to hide.

If you need a beaver removed and it is not the proper season for it, we may be able to help mitigate problems until relocation is possible.