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school bus tracker

My Bus Lawrence is the public transit app for buses in Lawrence, Kansas. Parental Control functionality is enabled. This includes Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard and American Express. School Bus Tracking is a location-based service that helps track the location of school children while in transit, anytime, anywhere, thereby ensuring their safety. Our software app is fully portable from bus to bus with the driver. School bus track is a School bus Track Mobile App for Parents. Enquiries outside the below territories should be sent to our head office email: accounts@elitechlab.com. All goods/services within the order will stop being available once the refund has been processed. The breadcrumbs help capture the bus’s geolocation in real-time every minute throughout its journey. We offer a personalised service; the costs depend on your school’s requirements and capacity. Track your bus in real-time with DoubleMap! school-bus-tracking-system Brochure. Allows parents to plan their own time more efficiently, especially where a bus has been delayed. School Bus Tracker. We are pleased to announce that the Columbia County School District is providing a new smart phone app to help parents receive more information about your child’s school bus ride. Our system provides full flexibility allowing any driver and any handset to be used for any vehicle. We work with your company to define how best to utilise the capabilities of technologies and provide strategic solutions to your current challenges and build you a competitive advantage. With Stripe, you are provided with a variety of options for payment of Elitech Lab software solutions and products. Softgig Kenya is the official Distributor of the School Bus Tracker Application in Kenya.School Bus Tracker is a child tracking application in Kenya. Eclat - SCHOOL BUS TRACKER . The School Bus Tracker. Based on this information, a stop can be created strategically to cater for as many students as possible within the area, this therefore increases the catchment area of the school thus increasing the number of pupils at the school. It's really easy to receive orders online and manage the store with EzyKirana. Each parent App is personalised and independent. 2.6. By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments, Realtime New York Bus Tracking, Nearby Place Search, Direction Planning, Live bus times and smarter journey planning for New York, Real-Time Transit: bus times, train times, subway maps, live directions & alerts. Email verification password generation and dual authentication. 1. We have selected Stripe to manage the processing of payments through our website and apps. Dashboard enables admin to handle multiple operations like school calendar, noticeboard, buses running, trips completed and available routes. All information used within the application is crucial for us to perform an optimum service and therefore we only request the data required. etc…; saving parents a trip to the school to make payments in person. In-situ training can be arranged as and when required. We, at Trackster Technologies, offer effective school bus tracking system. Stripe’s e-commerce solutions are secure and easy-to-use, and have enabled customers to gain access to valuable products and services over the Internet. Identifying which students have used which method of registration – nfc, bio, QR code. This helps parents, as well as school authorities and helps take immediate actions. Therefore, rented or temporary substitute buses, used during breakdowns or regular downtimes for repairs, servicing and maintenance schedules, are therefore available for immediate use with our system. Sell everyday needs on EzyBuy for Home, Kitchenware, beauty, fashion, fitness. Why? Following is available for download. Payment history is stored and can reviewed for future reference. The admin panel will also receive an image of the passenger, as they will always register first using NFC or other available methods of registry. Almost everybody takes for granted the services school districts provide to make certain every student has a way to achieve a higher education. Knowing who rides the transport, when they ride it, where they ride it, and how often is more important than ever. Also, parent’s need not to wait on bus … Trusted solutions designed to improve school bus safety and help communities manage the complex challenges of returning to the classroom. 5. Reviews Review Policy. They can do this simply through their mobile app, knowing this will immediately alert the school administrator. Pricing. Customised & personalised geolocation software with multiple automated features. Receive instant alerts should there be delays. 10 Tracked Buses; Ultimate ₹20000 /year. Tracking vehicles, know where each vehicle is real-time. Import all stops, pickup and drop-offs. Upon receipt of a push notification informing parents of an upcoming excursion for instance, parents can instantly book a place for their children and can rest assured that it is reserved for the child without having to either phone or go to the school in person to do so. These breadcrumbs also register the speed the bus was going at, whether the bus was stationary and if so, where and for how long. With the school bus tracker app, the school administration can check time-lapse video recordings of past trips to identify such cases (verbal abuse, assaults, or gestures). We work on projects of any complexity, primarily on: iOS, Android and web management platforms. This application will let students track their school, college, or university van, and also they will be able to see the bus or van on the map with real time feature. This procedure can help you reduce transportation costs. Contain information on fee structures for transport amongst other items, payments made/received and by who, payment balance and the financial status of a specific student in a specific term or an academic year. A Parent is unable to access other children – Access to their own child is only enabled by strict invitation of the School granting a unique Parent user password giving access to the Parent app only. Please ask for a fully functional demo, including our web management system, using our contact form. This app stands out because it offers a lot of functions. SchoolBusTracker® is a transport management software suite with synchronised mobile applications connecting coach operators, parents and bus drivers. This feature also saves parent’s time and money as due to security reason many of the parent’s prefer their personal vehicle instead of a school bus, but with the advent of this school bus tracking system app,parent’s can easily track their child. Access to their own child is only enabled by restricted and private invitation from the school. All Rights Reserved. Add to Wishlist. Our system offers the ability to take passenger/student temperature as they board the coach or vehicle. The Heat Map assists you to plan and create bus routes in a practical way saving time and costs by eliminating unnecessary stops within a route. Inform the school of your children’s absences from your App. BussBoss is an incredibly powerful school bus GPS tracking solution that includes four main software packages, each of them supporting a certain number of features called BussBoss Enhancements. Data related to speed can be used for monitoring speed limits and making sure the drivers are adhering by the school’s policy on speed limits. Live tracking of school bus including current location status, history of pickups, drop and time the school bus reached and leave school. Once your kid boards her school bus to leave for school, it is natural for you to worry about her well-being. School Bus Tracker track all buses in real -time so parents may be informed of the actual arrival time of the buses * “This app uses the Device Administrator permission.” Read more. These limits can be pre-set on the admin pane. A GPS tracker is extremely helpful for school administration and parents to view the real-time location of a school bus at any given point of time, track trip progress and get an estimated time of its arrival at a bus stop. Can also ensure children aren’t left unattended at a bus stop after being dropped off. The system will help guide you to correctly position the thermal camera on the coach. School Bus Tracker. By connecting to the Parent Portal, you can see how close the bus is to the bus stop. Order grocery online from local stores. - Its innovative and scalable technology enables improvements to be implemented within school transport systems, a competitive advantage in the private transport sector. With SchoolBusTracker, the school can send messages and push notifications directly to the parent app. No installation costs or inconvenience whatsoever. Complete backoffice software provides full management capabilities easily customizable. This can show slower or faster drivers and can also show days with more traffic. Responsive Web-based platform, can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Android Apps Android Apps For Parents and Bus Drivers. Student data is encrypted and unreadable by our software team. We provide extensive training and provide you with detailed user manuals for all the relevant users. Interlinked with the booking system, making payments for school services is now made easier by using a platform that is fast, simple and secure. Using GPS tracking technology enables parents and transport managers to locate and monitor the children’s school bus journey on school excursions, sports fixtures and home to school runs. It also works as a school bus management system where student safety is … Download Library. A supervisor app can also receive an alert via a push notification. KENT CamEye records a time-lapse video of both the inside and views and stores it to secure cloud storage. Collapse. An excellent app which enables communication between parents, administrators, and drivers, it has interesting features such as video surveillance and a fleet manager module. Improve efficiency of in-school staff by reducing the number of telephone interruptions from parents calling about transport delays thus releasing staff to carry on with their own tasks. Learn More Quarterly system pen and stress training. The SBT billing report can save you a considerable amount of time by automatically compiling the list of students who used the transport on specific dates as well as calculating the ‘X’ number of times a student travelled on the bus. 4. A complete and real-time connection between the bus, the school and the guardians/parents to have the location of the buses and kids up-to-date. Bracket Javascript Library Think this site is cool? Synovia’s Here Comes The Bus solution supports COVID-19 response. With SchoolBusTracker, parents can request a change of route or hour of transport service for their child. Loading… What's New * Minor Bug Fixed. Thus avoiding a Parent the unnecessary frustration and interference with parent day jobs. Student Bus Tracker is one of the best GPS tracking application for students and their parents. Integral solution that allows the sharing of important information between schools and parents, consolidating all the information in one single platform. SBurK is a comprehensive SaaS school bus tracker system for managing the daily school bus operation that links the school, the parents and the buses into one powerful system. Avoids rentarl and service charges of such tracking systems. Pinpoints both detected and undetected stops. SchoolBusTracker® is a transport management software suite with synchronised mobile applications connecting coach operators, parents and bus drivers. This helps the school notify parents or guardians of potential delays en route or other relevant information. gpsdesk — January 9, 2016. You may, however, cancel a payment made within two days of making the order by sending an email quoting your order number or by quoting the date of payment and the name of the person who made the payment. Here you can find some screenshots of the SchoolBusTracker App. 143 High St, Cranleigh, Make route changes instantly from your App. Alternatively, our full booking system and payment platform can also be used by parents wishing to book ad-hoc journeys. Transport Managers and school administrators have various tasks including student safety, addressing parent concerns, school bus routing, allocation and optimization. Technological solution ready to be implemented with immediate effect by simply downloading an app on any Smartphone or Tablet device. Display stop by stop and provide … Act now and take the lead. Surrey, GU6 8BB, United Kingdom. Eclat Tracker is Smart School Bus Tracking with out any hardware install in the Bus. Because unnecessary stops cost your organization time and money, emergencies can be … Allows a parent to make alternative collection arrangements for their child, if the parent is unable to coincide their arrival with delayed or amended bus arrival times. ETA of busses to plan your own time more efficiently, especially when a bus has been delayed for instance. Live Webservices Demo Try Now. Edulog Lite School Bus Tracker App . The billing report can be linked to our parent app and booking online platform for ease of payment. 0 Tracked Buses; Premium ₹10000 /year. All refunds will be credited to the payment card used to make the order. Monitor and track your children’s school bus journey. Stripe’s payment solutions are trusted and utilised by thousands of businesses, big and small, in nearly all parts of the world. Most MIS software (iSams, SIMS…). Full maintenance support including product updates and upgrades. Both the driver app and the administration panel, will receive an alert immediately if a passenger exceeds the preset temperature limit. EzyKirana: Online hi mangwana. Daily support and maintenance is provided by experienced and specialised technicians, development of innovative features and unlimited improvements are made available. Note that if your child's regular bus is not running the route that morning or afternoon, School Bus Tracker does not follow a substitute bus. Tracking a School Bus is a matter of caring for child safety while on their daily journeys to and from school. Available anytime anywhere to instantly process payments for school services such as transport, field trips, school meals. - The system can be easily setup and is made active or operable after a simple installation in the conductor/supervisor's smartphone or tablet. Track School Bus. SchoolBus Tracker is a comprehensive SaaS school bus tracker system for managing the daily school bus operation that links the school, the parents and the buses into one powerful system that contains. Preparing billing reports for individual students can be tedious and time consuming. How does the GPS School Bus Tracking System Work? SCO 91-92-93, 3rd Floor With this module, the school finance dept will be able to track all the fees paid by any students at any time including their balances. The colour of the breadcrumb also plays a vital role in reading and identifying information displayed. It is priced much lower than that of competitor programs. 5. Full analysis of individual and multiple bus journeys. Overseeing the tracking to detect and prevent potential issues within a route. Business model which helps schools generate extra profits. Allows a driver to privately notify School administrator of Emergency events directly through customised push notifications. It helps admin to plan and execute the trips, routes, pickup and drop points. School Bus Tracking – Technology that could help you ensure your student’s safety. Our software solution is simple, reliable and provides both assurance and peace of mind to parents and safeguard for schools. Driver and bus information like driver name, bus number, driver license number driver phone number and school phone number right from the app. School Bus tracker for monitering bus location, bus route and location alerts. Innovative tool which offers improvements in school transport services, providing them with a competitive advantage. Can also be used in special circumstances when a school car is needed to be tracked, say an emergency or unusual situation. SmartBus, the best school bus tracking software which is divided into three parts: Parents, Driver, and School Management. Planning ahead and implementing safe measures to avoid issues such as, poor network connection encountered during certain stops of the routes or other unplanned scenarios such as a driver skipping certain drop off or pick up stops. Allows School to privately notify a driver of unusual events directly to his driver app, without having to telephone him/her and distract them whilst driving. We are a fast growing ICT company in Kenya,with the most dedicated team of young and energetic staff. The TrackSchoolBus solution for schools makes all of these tasks easier with intelligent management tools, communication and reporting facilities. You can learn information regarding the routes taken by the buses, and get location updates in real time. A complete and real-time connection between the bus, the school and the guardians/parents to have the location of the buses and kids up-to-date. The application offers complete privacy and a high level of data security. Free ₹0 /year. All contained within a Private and Secure School APP, providing new layers of Comfort, Safety and Efficiency. 2. Track A School Bye Real-Time GPS For Public School Buses. Track your bus live from anywhere, anytime, set location alert on your stoppage. All data is stored securely and encrypted, easy to maintain and locate. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us! We can provide monthly reports/analytics signalling time and distances done on each route per day with average, peak and low records in graphics display. Locate and track the school bus (real time) to plan time to drop off or pick up the child Parents using normal phones (without the app or Internet facility) can just make a 'missed call' to track … From the school bus safety experts behind Here Comes The Bus, we’re proud to introduce our COVID-19 school bus safety solution. The app offers access to the administrators, parents, fleet managers, drivers, … Do you represent a school? Or frustrations at not being kept informed. Sector 34-A, Chandigarh (UT) INDIA, Whiz • Live Transit Times for Subway & Bus, Conjoinix Total Solutions Private Limited, EzyBuy Manager : Build your online store in 2 Mins, Cookies help us deliver our services. With school bus tracking system, you can reduce your worries to a remarkable low by having an exclusive access to real-time data of the whereabouts of your kid. After the temperature verification, it informs the passenger and driver through a sound alert and message on the driver app. At Elitech Lab we develop web, mobile as well as our own proprietary software solutions to improve your communication processes, customer service and optimise management and operational efficiency. School Bus Tracker is an app for tracking you school bus during school bus trips only. Our school bus tracker app generates absolute transparency between parents and the school administration. Install. © 2018 Elitech Lab. Everyone. Manage operations more efficiently and fuel savings by planning routes and times to save operational costs. 3. The driver application contains features such as voice recognition, designed to prevent you from manually interacting with the app during active route courses; it is predominantly used for emergency situations or delays or route diversions. Bracket Web Services Bracket Web Services is going to change the face of Internet. Let our school bus routing software create for you the optimal routes and optimize the order of the stops within the route! School buses should be equipped with a GPS tracking system to deal with any kind of emergency. Store records of children boarding and disembarking a bus using NFC technology. Integrated alerts signalling route inconsistencies can also be generated as well as sent via email to the appointed administrators. Using GPS tracking technology enables parents and transport managers to locate and monitor the children’s school bus journey on school excursions, sports fixtures and home to school runs. Parents are able to track current location of school bus and are able to manage their daily routines. Avoids the need for installing expensive and sometimes unreliable GPS systems which by nature are not portable.

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