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More so, you may pay a small fee to enjoy upgrades with our monthly car rental Dubai offers. You are at the right place to get economy car that will satisfy demand with value for money. Like other electronics, vehicles lose their value over time. You can search for the latest deals and discounts without the stress of going to any office to make inquiries. You can hire vehicle for any duration ranging from 1 to 12 months. We’ve got the proper aim to serve each the regional market and therefore the foreign traveler and also provide the foremost powerful and price spectacular services, though sustaining the best quality standards. Even people who own cars rent once in a while to cut down on their car maintenance expenses. Book a cheap car rental in the UAE from Sixt Rent-A-Car, Alamo, Thrifty, Budget, Dollar & other top suppliers. While other websites offer you limited options, our website offers you more flexibility. We aim at a car rental space defined by creativity and innovation on our end as well as convenience and comfort on yours. We provide healthy resource tool for searching cars for hire in Dubai. But with affordable monthly and weekly car rental offers, you won’t sacrifice your safety, convenience, and comfort. Your requests can also be the color of car; navigation system or you may even prefer to have a sunroof. However, don’t forget to carefully check and understand all UAE laws that govern driving in Dubai before hiring. Kindly note as well that you are not under any obligation to sign any contract until you are happy with the vehicle’s quality. Individuals always prefer to rent a car to move around during their stay in Dubai. When in Jumeirah Beach Residence, you can rent a cheap car and move to any place. It is therefore necessary for you to ask sales person and getting yourself clear to which one is offering you best deal. Compare cars, pricing, and services. Which insurance is best for car hire in Dubai ? With the many rental plans, you can switch vehicles between your contract periods or at the end. We hope to make hiring a car in Dubai straightforward and hassle-free. Rent a Car in Dubai, UAE. Our vehicles are new and well maintained, ranging from compact to luxury, drive away happy. It is again necessary to clearly read the agreement paper and find yourself best deal. We offer car rental in the United Arab Emirates from a number of branches conveniently located at major cities, airports and tourist destinations. Dubai is a tourist attraction and central place to host several fairs and galleries. If you are looking for an affordable and trusted worldwide car rental company, Sixt is your company. Therefore, always ask questions relating to the final payment you would make. Sedans are a good choice for most people, but there are those times that you will need space for more travelers. It also provides jogging tracks, parks, and 80 residential and commercial towers. The performance of sedans depend on the make and model of the car you choose. Get discounts on your rent a car in Dubai. While the district has a 2 km length, it is a perfect place for expatriates and tourists to drive in rent a car. To rent a car, you only need a valid international driver’s permit, visa, and passport. We create a safe and interactive digital environment for both rental car providers and rental car seekers to transact business. That means you’ll have your choice from our range of top-rated vehicles. Use our highly interactive site navigation and search tools to simplify your search. As a tourist or expatriate, you have the choice to rent SUV, sedan, hatchback, or van. Customers can try a luxury or economy car depending on budget. The low manufacturing costs make the hiring price low for customers to shift their choices to buying a crossover. And only a long-term car hire offers the most time. When in Dubai, you will cover many kilometres to reach key tourist attractions. While the city offers buses to help you get to the attractions, a car rental Dubai option is more beneficial. Having information at your fingertips helps you save a lot of money. JLT offers many choices for tourists, locals, and expatriates. We protect users from paying exorbitant fees. Sixt offers rental cars all over the globe from Europe, Australia, Asia, South America, Central America, Africa and so many great travel destinations. Basically, the longer you rent, the more you save. As long as you are renting the car for 30 days or more, you’ll enjoy superb cheap monthly hire rates. It allows you to drive in a snowstorm and get up driveways, which would be hard with some other models. Furthermore, if you do shopping at the Dubai Mall or the Mall of Emirates, you can carry more luggage inside your car, which might will not possible by taxi. In such situations, you never become the owner of the car; you simply benefit of its advantages and never have to worry for the maintenance aspects, not to mention the advantages on your cash flow, the 5% VAT refund on rental, etc. In this district, situated in Western Dubai, Bur Dubai, you will witness the shipbuilding yards and dry docks. Our promotions and discounts on the affordable monthly rental on yearly basis range between 30 to 50 percent. You should determine the type of car that will match your needs. Rental Cars UAE Guarantees Cheapest Rent a Car Options in Dubai. With Dubai being a prosperous city with many attraction sites, tourists and people from across the globe keep visiting. Rent a Car with Best Prices . Renting a car used to be a little challenging, but we have influenced searches in a positive way. Manufacturers build SUVs on truck chassis and design them for use on rough roads. Hatchbacks come with one extra door that opens upwards at the back. Individuals always prefer to rent a car to move around during their stay in Dubai. We have covered more locations, increased our car collection, and improved customer experience. We run on a business model that focuses on delivering value to users of our platform 7 days a week, 30 days a month, 365 days a year. More so, read online reviews to know people’s experience with car hire company. A single search can bring up hundreds of cars per search at once. Thrifty UAE is an economical car rental in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah & Umm Al Quwain. Get the best car rental price in Dubai when you book direct with Europcar. Our team keeps working on more creative and innovative approaches to improve the quality of our rentals and make sure customer satisfaction at all times. Speedy Drive Car Rental is an independent rent a car agency based in Dubai, providing both tourists and residents with the most extensive selection of vehicles to hire. Take your time to compare a cheap rent a car services available.This will enable you to compare prices, fees, and the services that each renders. You will find almost everything you need in the over 500 retail outlets. We have maintained a good price offering while retaining quality service. Make sure that you rent car before you arrive at Dubai Airport. Hertz is one of the largest service providers in the country, managing over 11,000 vehicles on fleet and 14 Rental locations in the UAE. This is because we run an efficient website that is specially designed to serve you. Long term & monthly car hire One-way rental deals. To compare prices and find your ideal car at an unbeatable price, just use our search form. Within the last few years, Business Bay has managed to stand as the premier business district of the UAE. And hundreds of rental contracts are opened via our website every day. Provided you are renting the car for at least 30 days. Leading Car Rental Company with the largest network of Branches & Pickup points; offers arguably the most comprehensive line-up of cars in the UAE. Our booking system is also simple, easy, and quick, giving you less stress than the short-term lease. We will handle the whole car maintenance – collection, servicing, restoring to original condition, provision of spare parts (if necessary), etc. Again, they have higher seating, high ground clearance, and four-wheel drive capability. More renters on the site mean more cars on offer. There is a reason why we are the most affordable car rental search website with best results in Dubai. The Dubai Water Canal is among the largest projects in this place. There are offers with special discounts and promotions every month. Whether you need one for your business trip or family vacation in Dubai, we will help you find the cheapest option. Our website built with SSL encryption and firewalls that prevent hackers from accessing it. Mostly, they are larger versions of station wagons ideal when traveling in a group. These cars are of different models and from top providers like Shift, Paramount, Sayara, Speedy Drive, Al Emad and Quick Lease. Evolve is an online car hire booking platform with a budget-friendly price for car rental in the UAE. We guarantee an affordable rental option for you regardless of your situation. Hertz in Dubai. We allow people to free themselves from the hassles and save money. Our car rental location in Downtown offers monthly rental varieties for clients. You can request a cheap car with surround sound and leather seats. After this, you can then choose the best service provider at an affordable rate. You may even end up paying higher prices or not getting an appropriate car that suits your need. Aside from the benefits above, you wouldn’t also have to worry so much about maintenance with our monthly hire plan. Jumeirah Beach Residence is a small but attractive destination for tourists and expatriates. Cars are … Breakdown and accident are not planned but they do happen. Our website provides you with search information that covers entire Dubai. Carry out proper research on car rental companies. Comparison of quality cars given to you is a smart move to find cheapest rent a car deal possible. Rent a car at the best prices in the UAE: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah. It is fast to rent a car in Dubai with just a few clicks by selecting brands among Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, KIA, Chevrolet. For that reason, our team will help you choose one if you are below that age or you need the cheapest option in this category. Dollar is a economic Car Rental in Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah in the UAE.Get a discount on your rent a car in Dubai with Dollar.Book your rental car online. Dubai is a very friendly place when it comes to tourists. Home; About; Special Offers; Our Fleet. With our collection still growing, we are sure you will always find the car you want when you come to us. As a result, the country receives the entry of lots of tourists and business entrepreneurs daily. Do you know that all it takes to search for a good rental car is 2-3 minutes? Search cheapest rates from largest rental companies like Thrifty, Dollar, Budget and car delivery at your door for free. Due to their large size, SUVs have a very poor fuel economy. There is a choice from a wide variety of cars to pick for long term car rental. It is better to pay once you have seen the car and satisfied by confirming that it is the same vehicle that you initially booked. You will find SUVs, Minivans, large vans, compact Hatchbacks, luxury cars, your buses, and any model you can think of. Always ensure to check out our website for special deals and promos you can enjoy on our monthly rent a car deals. Here are the reasons many people choose us. We will have all your problems or any technical difficulties repaired for free. We come up with new surprises for all our customers every year and promise to serve for customer satisfaction. We have a team across our different services to make sure that customer satisfaction is guaranteed at all times. Lastly, help you get a suitable car in top condition, and you save money at the end of the day by selecting a car available at an affordable rate. Rent a car in Dubai is the best option available to tourists and residents who do not own cars. It could vary depending on the length of rental as some companies provide cheaper rates for long term rental. Tourists can hire their preferred vehicle with just few easy steps and enjoy driving their own car in Dubai. The site contains a large inventory of cars, so we give you the advantage of enjoying the best deals. And search results appear in bold text and clear pictures, so you are never in doubt when making a final decision. Rental Cars UAE is highly rated for its sheer number of car inventory. Because of long distance between places it is recommended to rent a car as it would save time and make it easier to travel between different locations especially if you want to visit other Emirates. Renters are also on the platform actively seeking out new clients arriving at Dubai airport. Our branch in Business Bay offers both short-term and monthly rental options. The reason of having a lower price of crossovers is mainly because of lower cost. If you need help or assistance any time of leasing period. We operate a very transparent service, what you see is what you get. From the largest entertainment and shopping destinations, Downtown Dubai is a lifestyle destination. Rental Cars UAE has grown over the years as more and more companies are making their way into industry. Making it possible even for new visitors to Dubai to rent within minutes. That will save you from the confusion of tracking rental car agencies. Hertz UAE > Car Rental – UAE > Car Rental – Dubai. Luxury car rental has a dominant reputation in the UAE and Dubai. A few providers are more stringent with their policies, requiring ages 25 and above. You will enjoy better visibility and ease of entry and exit. Prices fall within your budget and you will get best quality service and comfort. On top of that, you can see many restaurants, hotels and leisure attractions by renting a car from downtown. Our cheap monthly car hire is well-suited for those who need transportation for an extended period of 28 days or more. People associate the place with beautiful views of lakes and luxury hotels. We offer cheapest promotions for long term and monthly rent a car in Dubai. Whether you need an economy car, luxury car, or an SUV, we have a car to suit all occasions and budgets. If you wish to accommodate more passengers, then you can take the advantage of folding seats. The cabin space is enormous for you to load luggage or suitcases. There are several reasons why many users turn to us before anyone else. If you are in need of a durable but yet affordable rental car in Dubai, look no further than us. Free services include maintenance cost and 24 hours customer service. Also, ensure that you have all the necessary legal documents like your international passport, Visa, and a valid International Driver’s License. Our agents can find you the best deal with more than 30% discount, Renault Symbol – Brand New 2017 (Full Option), Nissan Kicks – Brand New 2018 (Full Options), switch vehicles between your contract periods or at the end, Sedans are a perfect choice for small families, Ability to compare the leading rental companies in Dubai. Hence, you qualify for an easy car replacement in case of an accident, breakdown, or any other unfortunate event. The upward-opening trunk forms a flat vehicle rear, which some vehicle renters do not like. This has put us at the forefront with regards to the best price to quality ratio. We understand that no rental car company can go beyond the abilities of its working team. You also need your home country driver’s license. Choose a car that matches your needs and budget. Some of the teams we have put in place to make sure this value is maintained, includes the customer service, engineering and monitoring team. العربية English. The Dubai Culture Village is also situated in this area. More options allow you to search for the cheapest car deals in Dubai on SUV. As a company, we are committed to provide you with best price per rental you can find anywhere in Dubai. Here are the options to try. It has transformed Downtown Dubai and Business Bay into islands. You will receive emails of new car rental promotions available from all providers including Thrifty, Dollar, Shift rent a car, Budget, Emirates Transport, Fast and Hertz. You can visit our website to book your favorite car for your journey. You can choose affordable, comfortable vehicles or luxurious cars for your travel. To be sure that you have chosen the right vehicle, research on the model. We will help you find any model of the cheapest crossover in Dubai. UAE Driving License: Copy of Emirates ID Requirements for Tourists; Copy of Passport: Copy of Visit Visa : Us, Canada, EU, GCC or international Driving License: If you are someone seeking an effective solution against your long-term travel plans or replacement vehicle needs, then choose from our affordable monthly car rental plans. Customers can make booking online and get vehicle where they need. Customers can browse by vehicle brands like Hyundai, Toyota, Mazda, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Nissan and Kia. Always read reviews from customers before selecting a company. There are choices when selecting a vehicle that customers will not find with local companies in Dubai. It is mandatory for you to know exact location of where you are heading and how many passengers need to be accommodated. Rental Cars UAE is exactly the platform you need to search for some of the cheapest rental car rates in Dubai. Our mission is to redefine the car rental space making it more convenient. We are always adding new cars to the fleet. Dubai is a beautiful place to be, thanks to its attractive building structures and scenic environment. With just a few clicks, and in a matter of minutes, you can conclude a rental deal with no stress. Login; Toll Free (Abu Dhabi) +971 800-701Toll Free (Dubai) +971 800-4770. Quality services go beyond the car offered, it also includes the convenience, access locations, and overall satisfaction client feels from good customer service. The premium cars offer adequate room for five individuals, 2 bags and 2 suitcases. Before hiring a car, check the company about the price, tax, fees involved, and any other inclusions. You can select and go for monthly car rental which will allow you to save more on a great car. We offer all sorts of cars from trucks and vans to buses; we are your best bet. Join thousands of daily users who trust us for their rental car searches. Full-size sedans offer more features and space for families. Searching for a good car at an attractive rental rate doesn’t have to be a chore. Renting vehicles in Jumeirah Lake Towers is among the easiest tasks. It is convenient and easy to rent a car in the UAE by booking online. Dubai has many man-made islands, glittering skylines, luxury hotels, and massive shopping malls. There are thousands of cars available for rent on our website. Mid-Size Sedans are perfect for families with small kids and for people who need more room during road trips. All you need is your smartphone or computer to make the booking online for rent a car Dubai. These factors include car collection, the policies in place, and price. Furthermore, we have simplified the process for you. When looking for best car rental in Dubai, there are certain factors to be considered. The rates of the cars fall drastically during summers and each client will enjoy customizing their own packages. Comparison from 80,000 vehicles for rental and lease with best monthly rent a car Dubai and cheap hire deals at discounted rates. You can try any of the 160 food and beverage outlets, such as casual eateries and trendy cafes. Our monthly car hire is also perfect for those who prefer ease and convenience over unnecessary stresses. Whether you need daily car rentals, monthly car rentals or long term leasing, choose a length to suit your needs. Our website has all the features of an effective and efficient search website for your needs. We can also make drivers available at your request to take you around for the period you need. This covers the booking process, the pickup, monitoring, and drop off process. With a wide range of vehicles in our collections coupled with our exceptional customer service, we make car hire for a long-term period simple and cost-effective. Prospects are not the only ones flocking to us in search of best car deals on long term rental. We have also made our homepage a lot easier to understand. Car rental companies offer the latest models, so you should expect to find prime cars alone. The area offers 4 top-notch residential complexes and over 40 tall buildings. You can book cheap car rentals for pickup at the Dubai Airport and explore key places in this city. Taking advantage of this will help you to save some money. Despite coming this far, we are committed to improvement by exploring better ways to serve you. Our rates give customers a reasonable budget of their own in this competitive market. This is important as growing demand for car rental in Dubai recently. You can try recreation and leisure retail, dining, and various outdoor activities in car rental. Enjoy best car rental deals in UAE with extra benefits and quality services. We do not wait for days or weeks before we update this information on daily basis. SUVs offer a high seating position ideal for road trips and sightseeing. Hire in Dubai does not have to be a difficult task. The platform remains dynamic and active because users know that we keep them regularly updated. Our team constantly updates the website with the latest car rental deals in Dubai, the minute they become available. The rental company will take care of the car’s maintenance all through the contracted period especially because of unlimited mileage. Anyone who has an international driving license can easily drive and navigate in Dubai without facing any difficulties because of good roads and infrastructure. Tourists, visitors as well as UAE residents with valid driving license canrent and drive a car in the UAE. However, you will realize how hard it is after you start the selection process. To enjoy your visit and stay in the UAE, it’s advisable that compare monthly car rental Dubai. We offer you the best insurance to cover the rental car excess liability. The rates available on our platform are cheapest in entire region. At Rental Cars UAE, we don’t go on holiday because we want you to enjoy yours by offering you a flexible transport option. You just need to confirm the pickup location and rental car company will bring the car at your door. We charge less and benefit more. We offer cheap deals with many pick-up and drop-off choices. We have also strengthened our partnerships with different car manufacturers, dealers, and global car rental companies like Enterprise, Thrifty, Hertz, Budget and Dollar. It offers many towering skyscrapers and many global leading companies. Top rated companies would definitely serve you the best. Renting a car from airport is not easy because of long queues. We want to make sure every hindrance to smooth vehicle taken away. Rental cars are the link to your final destination in Al Jaddaf. All you need to do is to ensure that there is sufficient fuel in the car to drive you around. Although it is legal to drive and rent a car in the UAE at 21, some car hire companies insist customers must be 23 years or over. We have kept its prices low as our marketing strategy to attract customers. Just enter the car spec you need on the search bar and let our search engines do the rest for you. Exotic Car Rental in Dubai. Browse through our exclusive rental inventory and choose from a wide range of luxury cars, economy cars, and SUVs. Car Rental – Dubai . There are many innovative features for families providing complete comfort. The offered vehicles include SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, convertibles, minivans, and premium cars. Welcome to Sixt rent a car in United Arab Emirates! We make it possible for you to perform searches from your comfort of home at low cost for renting a car. However, one way to cut your spending and save cost is to get a monthly car rental. Dubai is a place of tourists attraction and commerce where people from all over the world look forward to travelling to. Most car renters in Dubai choose this type of car due to their unique style. Moreover, at regular intervals, we update our website with latest deals in Dubai. FIRST-RATE PROVIDER OF CAR RENTAL IN DUBAI, SHARJAH, AND ABU DHABI Belhasa Car Rental has been operating in UAE’s key cities and locations since 2007. Rental Cars UAE offers the opportunity to save money – the longer period you rent, the more costs you save. This will help you to get more information, make a better choice from a variety of vehicles, enjoy any available offer, and save money because of huge discounts offered online. With a wide range of vehicles in our collections coupled with our exceptional customer service, we make car hire for a long-term period simple and cost-effective. We will help you find the cheapest option in this class. With our monthly car hire, you would be able to enjoy all those adventurous places you want to be. While an SUV will consume more fuel than other vehicles, it will serve you well. You can also review their prices and other necessary information by clicking on results that appear. 8 Places in Dubai Offering Free Birthday Treats If you are planning to travel with your kids, a four-door mid-size sedan is the right choice for you. In terms of the car, it even comes with front and rear cameras and Bluetooth which only add to our long features list. Most Dubai rental companies offer them to people above 21 years of age. Contact us today to reserve your monthly rental car at Rental Cars UAE. We have a list of companies offering the best sport utility vehicle rentals in Dubai. Moreover, Rental Cars UAE offers superb cheap monthly car hire rates that enable you to have more costs to save. We make it possible for you to search for rates and models all from one page. Tourists can book the car online by whats app even before reaching Dubai, and the car will be delivered to you at the airport or hotel. We make it a point of duty to offer discounts especially when you are renting for a long while. Our team also updates website with latest discounts offered by rental companies in Dubai. Asides this, there are people who because of a project, saving cost, or time spent to repair a faulty car, choose to rent one. Hiring a car has never been easier than it is now! If you have a long-term travel plan to Dubai, getting monthly car rental offers by Rental Cars UAE is best solution. We offer number of cars on daily, weekly and monthly rent a car.We have a vast range of cars of different categories for car lease. Another benefit worthy of mention is that some of the biggest and highly rated rental companies use our platform from Dubai Airport at terminal 1, 2 and 3. Our company established to offer top-notch services within and around Dubai. New Vehicles. We work with all the major international car rental brands (and lots of smaller local companies) to bring you a huge choice of cars at the very best prices. Do you know why? Moreover, the models provide 5 seats with adequate space for four adults, 2 bags, and 2 suitcases. Also, if you’re bored with driving the same vehicle for weeks, you can easily switch it for another one before your rent expires. This way customers can rent cars of their choice without breaking the bank. It is the key reason Dubai Airport receives millions of visitors from all parts of the world each year. We will find the rental options that will be available during your travel. This is because you’ll not be in a hurry to return the hired car before the deadline. The need to rent a car in Dubai has also grown over the years. If your goal is to explore this district to the fullest, monthly car rentals are a better choice. Having said that, it is still entirely possible to rent great value cars at 21. With keywords, you can quicken the process of finding cheap deals even further. These cars are giving an overall package of comfort and reliability to people hiring one. Don’t be quick to conclude that a particular car hire company is the cheapest or most affordable. Many of the deals we find are exclusive to us, so you know you’re getting a great car at a fantastic price. The advertised price may eventually be lower than what you would have to pay. That is because both old and new users know that they can find the car from large inventory. There are 12 locations for Hertz car rental in Dubai, making it quick and easy to get around when you visit the emirate. SUVs and some other luxury models are spacious, and they will match your lifestyle. Crossovers have been increasing in demand due to the improved overall package, in terms of performance, stability, design. We update customers with information about latest models, special offers during month of festivals and holidays. Yes, it is that easy. You can sort through search results we provide you based on your search and make your choice from among our car fleet. Dubai offers many attractions, such as the Mall of the Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. And many of the search results have some of the cheapest rental rates in Dubai. We offer free pickups and deliveries for customers from downtown location. If you have your rental car in Dubai then you will feel very flexible with timing and visit all around the UAE. Out of all the categories of cars available at Rental Cars UAE, the easiest way to compare and select is by knowing exact requirements. The need to rent a car in Dubai has also grown over the years. Rental Cars UAE has grown over the years as more and more companies are making their way into industry.

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