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I was then told by the branch manager “you can’t leave your car here” but he was clearly in a rush as the branch had closed. Luxury cars can be rented at reasonably priced rates from Enterprise … Enterprise kindly told me I could leave it at volvo when I collected my own car after it had been repaired which I did, and then randomly they hit me with a bill 4 weeks later for £250 for a gouged tyre? Let Bela Enterprise know how they're doing. I strenuously argued my case at which point I was asked to leave the car park at enterprise van hire at Unit 2 Daleside Road Nottingham. Customer service just hangs up. Called that day filed a report. Auto Renting and Leasing in Montgomery, OH. Tell Not only do they cancel customers bookings without notice or consideration on how the customer will be affected but they treat and rip their staff off. Michael Angers and Ben were very professional and courteous. Page 1 of 13 I rented from Enterprise in Chicago, Illinois. Tell your story. Would go back and have recommended people to go there." Conclusion: based on my experience of renting cars in various companies, I can say that the Enterprise company does not provide the best service. I can’t simply up and leave due to my shift finishing. By the time I walk in the airport and go to a cash point it's there.Enterprise I'm travelling to Spain soon and need a van for 2 weeks i will not be using you. I booked to hire a van a month before in advance as I was planning to go to Portugal to help a couple moving back home. They made me to feel like some sort of criminal? How disgusting nobody told me even after speaking to Harlow yesterday. On the day I booked everything I spoke to them on the phone and made them aware of the purpose of the hiring,they said it was fine and told me about all the insurance and covers to protect the van until the day I returned and I agreed with everything. Visa card that I paid is of no interest to them. Review Management Software Link Building Software More. Complete lack of professionalism. Chat with us , powered by LiveChat Sarah J. really I would of been happy with anything to get me to work but have a really lovely car to drive for now until mine gets fixed, thank you . * they didn’t take it?! Your feedback helps companies be better and shows buyers who they can trust. So on Monday Jan 12th, I called the Pinellas location to let them know, and was harrassed by who ever I talked to and they where very rude too me. At this point, is not about the money. Non caring so called worker just says no cars. The warning lights were a figment of my imagination. I get there to pick up rental at reserved time only to find out that they don't have a car for me to rent (excuse was that the weekend rentals hadn't been returned.) I couldn't believe it!! I am a regular customer for the past 4 years. They followed up with a phone call, during which I denied liability and asked for photos and quotes for new tyres. Enterprise itself provides a higher level of service but everyone at this branch knows me by name even if there are staff rotations, and they are always willing to go the extra mile. After 3 mile drive EML, screen wash, tyre light and service light came on. LITERATURE REVIEW: ON ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT Ram Niralia ABSTRACT The current study intends to examine the previous researches on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). They did not even start the van or test drive it to check my story about the warning lights.In short they dismissed me as a liar and a blaggard. I acknowledge there is this to take account of BUT they don't double the mileage per litre rate.In short their customer service is below that expected of a national company or is it just JAKE at Daleside Road Nottingham who is letting the company down.Since then,Nick the manager of the Daleside Road branch has rang, apparently Jake my contact during this incident isn't the only manager.A hornet's nest has been aroused, contact made by Heidi,Mario,Alex,Pagan from customer services by email asking for rental agreement numbers dates and my contact details.However no follow up!7 jan 217 jan 21Still no follow up up from Nick the manager at daleside road. I reserved a vehicle online, received confirmation, added my bank card info and everything for a VERY important trip. I didn’t foresee it as a problem seeing as how it works the exact same as a credit card, but it’s secured, and or chime. Add2Exchange Enterprise - Write a Review - Best Software 4 Download - free software downloads - best software, shareware, demo and trialware Some people get one for a special occasion. All reviews are public, so anyone can see what you write. Roll over stars, then click to rate. Title of Your Review * Review * Review Photo. Do you agree with Enterprise’s 4-star rating? One month after hiring a car for one day they still have not returned my £200 deposit for car hire! You can’t add an anonymous review.Here is some more info that others will see: 1. The details they had didn't have anything mentioning about my travelling to Portugal, apparently the person that did the booking did it all wrong and they needed extra paperwork that it normally takes 3 days to get sorted out.. cutting the story short my booking was for 16.30 and at 16.10 they called me saying the van wasn't ensured to go to outside the country.. basically they didn't care about my situation as the people were relying on the van to travel on the next day.. and this was spoken about a month ago.. this was all discussed about a month before!! Most commonly, consumers tend to contact Enterprise Truck Rental to ask questions about: Request for Information, Payments and Charges, Return/ Replace. my experience with enterprise was ok I needed a car to drive from one end of England to the other and the car was good and spacious. Most Recent Customer Review. Check out what 18,546 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Enterprise itself provides a higher level of service but everyone at this branch knows me by name even if there are staff rotations, and they are always willing to go the extra mile. Tell your story. I rented out a car due to an accident and my car wouldn’t be ready for a month. You've already flagged this Advertisement. Because of the bad service and lack of good service I almost lost a trip.I do not recumbent this at all, you will loose money, time and go through an awful experience. View Best Firms For … Original review: Aug. 30, 2020. Enterprise Car Rental service is one of the best that I have experienced. Prices were good too! She was very rude and mean to me. The dartford branch in particular are rude and have no customer service skills . Very unprofessional, and very rude to me. He argued it wasn’t in red. Worst company ever to hire from. In the past I have used your services at other locations Monday to Friday as I travel for work and have received exceptional customer service. Their staff will use all tactics to make you add various insurances for the car hire which are extremely expensive. But I have the address on my driving license. Avoid! After some deliberation i was "allowed" to take the car to a local respected tyre repair company to fix the puncture and here you go £15.00 for the repair a new valve and balancing. I had a curtesy car from Enterprise while my car was in for repairs due to an accident (not my fault) . I then received a phone call from a girl called Jessica, 2 days later who informed me she was the assistant branch manager( which later turned out to be false information) stating that I needed a credit card for the deposit and could not hire the vehicle. 06/07/2020. They will charge you for fuel even if you return the car with full gas tank! Filter by: Filter by: Tim Higgins 5 reviews. I refused. My advice NEVER use enterprise go somewhere else! I complained to customer services and I can’t fault the kindness and understanding from her, and she deeply apologised and arranged for their area manager to call me to discuss my complaint and £18 refund. Extremely disappointed. (Tyre Power Ltd Bradford) whats wrong with people or companies these days trying to rip people off! In the office they want a credit card to confirm the address. Companies. Thanks for taking the time to write a review for Enterprise Insurance Co. Ltd. (Koforidua Office). I asked to speak to the area manager and raise a complaint. Although this payment is not mandatory they threatened to take out £1000 from my account if I got a scratch or blower car. Later that day I got a call talking about a scratch I didn’t create!!! Extortionate. I don't recommend them at all.. Volvo organised me a hire car whilst my car was in for warranty repairs. Add your review for (Closed) Dunia Enterprise, Chinatown on HungryGoWhere, Singapore's best dining guide I will never go back there and never recommend it.Christchurch Bournemouth. On examining the previous researches it is evident that there has been very limited work done on … I tried to return the car on the 24 at 3:30 pm and the store was closed, so I called the 1800 number and they told me that someone was going to contact me with information about where to drop off the car and no one did. Very disappointed in my experience with Enterprise … - There's a LIZARD behind the curtain!If you want to try it yourself, ask them to send you the contract the day before to read all the fine print. At a place just south of Wetherby on the motorway I ran out of diesel. These scamming clowns are a bad circus act. I explained I had left my care there before. Share. Your feedback helps companies be better and shows buyers who they can trust. One car was open, and he did not give it to us because it smelled badly. Not only will your valuable feedback help hundreds of other people like you, it will also help us, and the trucking and transportation companies we feature, to continuously improve our services to better serve you, the customer. I arrive at 10:20 to pick up and they inform me that I had no car because I didn’t confirm email. Steve S 4 reviews. Was never explained pre booking. This morning I called again, the person working there (female) told me that She couldn’t get a manager in the phone and that my account was closed with no type of refund. give me a break!I think @Enterprise International might be interested as well, because this gives to the whole Company a very bad reputation and you do not want that either. I picked it up and the agent asked me what my excess was - I asked why he needed that. They just apologized that their colleague did the things wrong.. Reviews Enterprise Rent a Car. You can only read it when you pick up the car, so you have to go through all the pages for hours with a lawyer next to you when you just need to drive and go? Today, we were offered a Toyota Camry, which did not exist when we arrived for pickup. Then they try charging me for breaking down. Your review will help other people to make a more informed choice in the future. Enterprise and its staff were very kind and helpful. They will ruin your day and leave you stranded because “oh, online is a third party system”Even if I wasn’t driving around to look at email, I would never had seen an email to confirm in 2 minutes. On the 26 I went to return the car and asked for a refund for the 25 because the car was sitting in my garage and I was waiting for someone to call me. Your review will help other people to make a more informed choice in the future. COVID update: Enterprise Car Sales has updated their hours and services. Other fault lights kept appearing all the journey such as rear light, radar sensors dirty as well the faulty fuel lights.The AA came to the rescue and took us on a low loader to ferrybridge where I put in another 32 litres of fuel. Fact: Enterprise Is not interested in correcting its own mistakes and does not recalculate for services that were not provided. Thankfully I had taken pictures as proof. They charged me about 400 for it! Honestly just avoid because chances are you will regret it. They ask for additional money for insurance on the day. Enterprise Reviews. Write a review Write a review Reviews 125 Write a review. All reviews are checked and may be edited by our editorial team. If Enterprise is maybe ok in general, it is not good in Germany at all. I had gotten a rental for a month and through out that month every week I would prolong my rental and they would charge me 200 for a new deposit. The service from the outset was brilliant. I want to point out that I have rented cars from enterprise before at the homestead location and I never had a problem before and any type of attitude or rudeness from anyone like I have had from the employees at this location. I informed the employee who provided service that I missed my last flight due to weather and needed to drive to my destination where my personal car was located. Each experience had it's challenges, some better than others but this one was by far the worst. Luckily I managed to find a local family business that got me a van and even charged me less! Phoned them up to say that I need a replacement as I don’t feel comfortable driving this car. Excellent! As a healthcare worker, I often finish work late due to dealing with patients. I hope when the next review is up my company move to another company. Do not hesitate- write a review of Your current and past employers. We left without a rental. THERE WOULD NOT BE A BAD REVIEW!! I don't care who Enterprise has a contract with, she did nothing to satisfy this customer who will no longer be renting from Enterprise ever again. All reviews are checked and may be edited by our editorial team. Your review will help other people to make a more informed choice in the future. Your overall rating. Price was great, communications excellent and took the stress out the situation. It was 225 miles , the van had been showing the fuel warning light but I disregarded it as it was showing all the time even when I filled it up with the 40 litres. He kept making comments “don’t you have any card with £200 on?” Well no, I can’t magic that kind of money up. Avoid, avoid, avoid!!!! The following day I received an email saying there were cuts to both front tyres. Write a review Write a review Reviews 18,668 Write a review. Reply. Used Enterprise Hinckley. I do not know much about german traffic laws, but in the moral field I can say that Enterprise Germany are a bunch of psychopaths, because they do not warn you from the beginning when you rent the car about how dangerous they are.Do not believe what they tell you, read always all the pages of the fine print of the contract and study german laws before going with them. Manager denied ever offering us the car! Roll over stars, then click to rate. I have called and emailed at least six times can’t get a response customer service very poor. Happy Old Year! Rented a car with Enterprise from the Denver airport. Reviews are attributed to your title, role, company size and industry. We arrived back at Nottingham with a 1/4 tank showing. This includes washing, vacuuming, general wipe down, and sanitizing with a disinfectant that meets leading health authority requirements, with particular attention to more than 20-plus high-touch points. I was told when collecting vehicle the deposit would be returned immediately and would be £200 plus approx £6 VAT.It was not returned immediately. I had the car for 3 days and it hardly moved off my drive. My recommendation is DO NOT GO TO THAT LOCATION! Enterprise review: Rental options. Check out what 4 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Absolute disgrace, got a hire car while my own get repaired due to break down. Do not trust this company. Think twice before going the enterprise on 585 Mccarter Hwy, Newark. He continued to guilt trip me about him being late for his children. I see why. DO NOT MAKE RESERVATIONS ONLINE! They took £1,200 in excess, took several calls to get a refund chased up, then they came up with a spurious claim that the dent repair was higher than the £1,200!I am going through a arbitration process to try and get some money back, but save yourself the hassle and go literally anywhere else! Confirmed my rental, uber to location. Stay away. It’s about poor costumer service. Reviewers write the most about Enterprise Truck Rental Truck Rental and give it 2.0 stars out of 5. manger had the best customer service n my truck was explained to me. Filter by: Filter by: david mason 1 review. I have spoken with the office staff/manager at that location about this matter and it fell on deaf ears. I was denied this, I asked for the AA report on the incident, they said I had been asked for my email address by the as man, I hadn't and a report wasn't sent to it They said the report wasn't sent to them even though the call out was by them on their contract.I have no contact from the manager at Daleside Road, JAKE or the area manager. There is a Manager called "Jonathan" from The Miami International Airport Enterprise Car rental, he is awful. I returned the car to the Jaguar dealer in Cambridge, who were doing the repair. Not even a contribution towards the cost. ... Write a review on! I was asked to pay £70 deposit to insure me against damage to the vehicle which I was told would be refunded to me on return of the vehicle . They are total con artist, If it’s possible to leave no stars at all , I would . Your review will help other people to make a more informed choice in the future. Went straight back to them but due to the late time their office was closed. © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Andrea 201-667-1169. There are TRAPS! I shall never use them again.You pay the rental price £79.00 but paid £99.00 as the excess would be £250 instead of £1000.00Paid £200.00 deposit which they took instantly When I returned the van I said I expected my deposit back instantly as they took it instantly. Give me 2 cars which were apparently prestige class vehicles. The fact that they clearly took me as a joke and lied to me from day one wasting my time. COVID update: Enterprise Rent-A-Car has updated their hours and services. Every week when I arrive at that appointed time my car is NOT READY! Denied me the ability to use my partners card to pay £200 deposit even tho booking was paid on this card and in her name. Every week I reserve my car via online with time of me being there. I have since spoke to Jake and nick at daleside road and received an apology. Rented a car in Pittsburgh airport over Christmas. Superb prompt professional service from the people there, particularly Yahia.Van was spotless inside and out and was ready to go 30mins early despite only having been booked on the bank holiday the day before.Have used Enterprise loads before and will be again. Thanks for taking the time to write a review for Richard Akorli Enterprise. And any customer facing role. Instantly moaned at by customer assistant that I hadn’t answered his phone call to complete speedy checkin. I’ve always rented with Hertz with incredible experiences but figured I’d try Enterprise because 1) the Monroe location is 10 minutes from my house and 2)they were cheaper for the midsize rental. Share your experience, click to the region where you were and write a review. All I say is there's better companies out there. Left my sunglasses in the car. I was reading the “deposit” info and was confused. Lying fraudulent EMPLOYEES actually try to rob you of your money by claiming false damages. This company needs to be closed down. I was told to “initial here, here and here” no opportunity given to read what I was signing for and sent on my way. Turned up to collect at 15:50. I will strongly suggest to everyone we know, never to fall victim to this location’s bait-and-switch tactics. 127 reviews for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, 1.6 stars: 'Spoke to Nicole at this Manheim Pike location. Rented a truck thru Enterprise in… Rented a truck thru Enterprise in Lakeport Calif. Super fast n friendly. Always a great rental experience ...Recommend to all Useful. Paid for renting a van. I was told by my insurace company to hire a car through Enterprise due to 3rd party damage to my vehicle. So you've come to write a trucking and transportation company review? Even though say that they charge for any deficit in petrol from when you hired the car to your return, they charge exhorbitant rates for petrol which is way more than any petrol … We are done with this location and their bad business practices. I paid it but when it was time to turn in my rental they kept my deposit saying my car spelled like marijuana I told them it’s a lie I don’t smoke and I just left red Carpet thats located right across the street from them and they still kept my deposit so I wouldn’t recommend no one to go over there they are scammers and try to find ways to keep people deposits. Hired a Sprinter van for an urgent 1000 mile round trip house move after my own van developed a fault. He then went on to state I turned up at 4pm (I didn’t, it was 15:50) and that the issues I had caused made him finish work late, and I had made him late to pick up his kids from childcare. Contacts Write a Review. He became fixated on the fact I mentioned I complained about him, and not my £18. I can only assume they get commission for this. Would not use again. All reviews are checked and may be edited by our editorial team. Worst customer service I have ever experienced. John C helped me and was SO SO great. I hire cars all the time in Spain and my deposit is instantly returned to my account. Whatever you're searching for in a rental car, Enterprise should have a vehicle to suit. I had the worse experience with this place. The first time, we were promised a mid sized sedan only to arrive and be offered a van. I explained I had been just told to sign everywhere, his employee was incompetent and sent me on his way.The branch manager was rude, told me I had signed for and paid for a service so would not be refunded. Additional Information: Enterprise Rent A Car is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. It doesn't matter if you take a comprehensive insurance, because they might force some local laws to claim you. After the car got returned they phoned me that I need to pay £200 for a new tyre, kindly advise them to **** off and hinged up. Here they go again.....what a dodgy enterprise. Write a Review About an IT Solution. This company has really gone down in my estimation. Scammed us out of money, poor customer service. Then when we got there they DIDNT HAVE MY CAR reserved even though they admitted they had our reservation. Your overall rating. Fraudulent and deceptive. They will tell you NO! They are locally accessible throughout my city and airport locations. Moreover, the situation with the failure to provide a child seat literally put the life and health of the child at risk. Wasnt even rude,just this so called company is trash trash trash.... A complete and utter joke. She told me the deposit would be $500 and that was if I had a return airline iteniary! rented a Merc sprinter Luton back and tail lift . Picked up a van for hire yesterday returned it this morning.I am disgusted. Bunch of crooks! Stressed us both out to the max trying to find £200 on a card in my name. On the day if picking the van I called them to see if everything was alright and to see if I could get the van before the time that was booked as I managed to finish work earlier,for my surprise they were clueless about my booking,they eventually found it but I had to wait for them to call me back with my details. Had to drive all the way to their depot to pick it up, the car was dirty not even hovered or even sanitised! Hired a van. All reviews are checked and may be edited by our editorial team. Ridiculous! I suggested that they prioritize cleaning/sanitizing each vehicle as per pick time of each customer. On Tuesday Jan 12th, I go to return the car and the girl at the counter was extremely rude with me, refused to give me a ride to where I needed to go to pick my car up. It turned out i had a nail in the tyre and the lady told me i would have to pay ..........wait for it £500 excess! Total miles 310 less 8 on low loader divided by 72.On returning the van to enterprise van hire I complained that this was unacceptable and could they investigate.They didn't believe me or my passenger as the warning lights did not display when stationary.They admitted they knew very little of the vans history or service record as it was from another branch.They said over £100 of diesel for a 302 miles journey was acceptable. Would never recommend this company as they have not a clue regarding customer service or how to act. Each rental vehicle at Enterprise is thoroughly cleaned between every rental and backed with our Complete Clean Pledge. Luckily I was recording the conversation as it was very threatening and will be taking to Trading Standards. Luckily I didn’t left any my card details with them. But now, people rent cars for virtually all kinds of reasons. There's 20 car types from which to choose, including economy, full size or luxury sedans, alongside 12 classes of SUV, 15 different luxury cars, six types of van and two classes of pick up truck. I had used Enterprise before with no issues and paid via debit card (including deposit). Serve your customers. !I asked them to review cctv which they said we can do that later after charges are raised. Write a Review of Richard Akorli Enterprise. Accidentally made a small scratch on the side of a panel van leaving the driveway. I got a package in 6 days abs they aren’t my glasses!!!! Enterprise kindly told me I could leave it at volvo when I collected my own car after it had been repaired which I did, and then randomly they hit me with a bill 4 weeks later for £250 for a gouged tyre? This page is designed to help IT and Business leaders better understand the technology and products in the. The next day morning the passenger rear tyre was flat. Your overall rating. $100 for a drop return fee and $68 for parking violations when I returned the car! I would give Enterprise a ZERO, … Companies. A complaint has not been raised even though they would not look into the matter.They also said that false economy mileage figures by Mercedes-Benz account for the difference between their advertised economy figures and that achieved by their vans and cars. It was. I have been calling since then. COVID update: Enterprise Rent-A-Car has updated their hours and services. I had received an email from Enterprise for a free upgrade but from judging from the 6 cars on the lot, the Jeep and Ford included, I was stuck with the Jeep. An economy rate of 4.19 miles per litre. Beware of this company. Written on: 05/08/2019 by 341McCain (1 review written) Enterprise advertise 'no hidden costs'. Enterprise Rent a Car (Car Hire Service): 3.4 out of 5 stars from 248 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site Monday morning after our vacation, we had … I had the car for 3 days and it hardly moved off my drive. Rental online made at 9:03am and cancel email at 9:05. If the german branch is profitable, that is to the detriment of me so I share my case. Someone does not need to be on vacation to rent a car. It was with a 1/4 tank diesel to which I added 40 litres a total of 58 litres. Your feedback helps companies be better and shows buyers who they can trust. I was told to get a replacement car while my own was repaired after someone gouged the side in a car park Being handled by other party’s insurer. From girl that dropped off the car to the team in the office . Title of Your Review * Review * Review Photo. 18 reviews of Enterprise Car Sales "Christy and Thomas were awesome!! Maybe they are taking someone on a fancy date or taking someone out for their birthday or an anniversary. I hired a van from here for £250 a week… I hired a van from here for £250 a week Few months back i have just tried to hire a van for 3 days they want £380 Absolute disgrace Useful. Thanks for taking the time to write a review for VILLVERDE ENTERPRISE. 1 star is too much after my experience with enterprise. Send me my glasses please 12/28 lost. Thanks John, thank you Enterprise! Share. Well what can i say from the outset the service was tremendous. Leaving me without a van for the day and needing to move my entire flat! Enterprise Germany rip foreigners off by taking refuge in uniquely german laws in case you do a scratch. It takes literally 2 minutes to write a basic review and you’ve made a great contribution to the community. I explained on returning the vehicle that the wheel pressure light had come on and i had put some air into the tyre but the light remained lit, i didnt realise you could reset the sensor but hey ho. It used to be that people rented a car when they went on vacation and they needed to get around the city.

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